Wabi Coffee Recipes: Baileys Strawberry Coffee

May 25, 2022

Love Baileys? Love Strawberries? Love Cream? Then you're going to love this recipe! A super-easy dessert that is simple to make and delicious. Whether you're a beginner or a whiz in the kitchen, this recipe is foolproof.

What is Baileys Strawberry Coffee?

It is a cup full of heart that blends fresh strawberries with vanilla, Baileys Original Irish Cream, and espresso. You can make a delicious latte with Baileys Strawberries & Cream and a few other simple ingredients.

How do you make Baileys Strawberry Coffee?

First, you can coat the inside of a glass with a circle of chocolate syrup. Second, spread some matcha cream cheese around the rim of your glass and decorate it with strawberry crisp, oats, and chopped pistachios. Third, pour and mix strawberry milk and Baileys Strawberry & Cream into the glass. Fourth, add espresso, along with some ice cubes, to the glass. Fifth, add creamy froth and powdered sugar on top of the coffee.


Trust us, your coffee will reach extraordinary heights! Baileys Strawberry Coffee is easy to make at home. It also tastes great. Follow this quick recipe and you'll be partying with your friends in no time!

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