Wabi Coffee Recipes: Coffee Tonic

May 16, 2022


You can make Coffee Tonic at home with just a few simple ingredients. A coffee tonic is a simple drink made with coffee and tonic. Try using espresso for an extra boost!

What is coffee Tonic?

A coffee tonic can be made from cold brew and tonic water. It’s a wonderful combination of flavors with a botanical flavor, but it’s surprising how delicious this coffee drink is. You can make a coffee tonic with espresso too.

How to make Coffee Tonic?

This is a simple drink to make. All you need is cold brew coffee, tonic water, and a little cherry syrup. You only need to prepare a glass and fill it with ice cubes, pour and mix the tonic water and cold brew into the glass. Add some cherry syrup to it, or you can substitute other syrup you like such as mint/ chocolate syrup. Finally, garnish with cherries or some fruits.

Why do we drink Coffee Tonic?

They are a perfect match! You know what? Actually, it is such a popular drink in Zurich. When you mix tonic water with coffee, the sweetness of the tonic balances the bitterness of the coffee. The flavor of the tonic smoothes out the acidity of the espresso or coffee.


This drink is amazing! The flavor is unique and refreshing. On top of that, the cherry adds extra sweetness. We can mix with different kinds of syrup to make our own unique “Coffee Tonic”. What are you still waiting for? Let's try it out!

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