Wabi Coffee Recipes: Tiramisu Martini

March 24, 2024

Wabi Coffee Recipe: Tiramisu Martini

What is a Tiramisu Martini?

Tiramisu Martini is a cocktail inspired by the classic Italian dessert called Tiramisu. It combines the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and creamy mascarpone cheese, typically found in Tiramisu, with the addition of alcohol.


How to make a Tiramisu Martini?

To make a Tiramisu Martini, you need to drizzle and cover the inside of two martini glasses with chocolate syrup first, Afterwards, fill up a cocktail shaker with ice, and add some coffee liqueur, brandy, chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, and heavy cream into the shaker.  Cover and shake vigorously until all the ingredients are mixed well. Finally, pour the mixture into two martini glasses and garnish with ladyfinger cookies and grated chocolate.


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