Wabi Coffee Recipes: 3D Latte Art

November 07, 2022

Wabi Coffee Recipe: 3D Latte Art | Wabilogic

What is 3D Latte Art?

Mr. Kohei Matsuno, a Japanese coffee master, has been creating amazing 3D latte art that dazzled people all over the world. 3D latte art utilizes frothed milk to create and sculpt three-dimensional art pieces on top of a cup of Caffè latte. 3D art has a very short life span as free-pour latte art. The coffee cup creatures would emerge in the coffee and lose their shape in about five minutes.

How can you make a 3D Latte Art?

After you have made your favorite cup of coffee, whether a latte, a cappuccino, or an espresso, you’ll need to froth the milk in a container until the froth is thick and smooth. Once the frothed milk is ready, then start spooning various sizes, and shapes of the milk foam to the top of your coffee until your desired 3D Art is created. You can easily retain their shapes longer by creating a pattern with chocolate syrup or dark espresso.

Wabi Coffee Recipe: 3D Latte Art | Wabilogic

Why use the Melitta® Montalatte Milk Frother?

The robust Melitta® Montalatte is a dynamic milk frother with 4 pre-programmed settings for hot froth, hot milk, hot chocolate, and cold froth. This product uses a unique magnetic frothing technique to create the creamy frothed milk that is needed to make the 3D latte art.  The stainless steel jug’s spout is ergonomically designed for optimal pour control while creating latte art.


With the right milk frother, you can create any 3D latte art in the comfort of your home and you no longer need to wait for your next visit to the coffee shop. Although 3D latte art requires a steady hand and some patience, one can always count on the end result to brighten your day with a smile.

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