What's Melitta® Senz V™?

December 06, 2020

The first consumer coffee brewer that can qualify and assess the coffee quality by measuring weight, time, temperature and coffee extraction to determine coffee taste.

Melitta Senz V™ Smart Pour-over coffee system coffee maker

The Five Senses

1. Senses the Weight
Eliminate the mystery of weight and ratio with Senz V™'s built-in digital scale. It will inform your preferred ratios to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

2. Senses the Temperature
Brewing delicious and rich coffee is all about balancing different variables. One of the least considered, but extremely important variables, is water temperature. Senz V™ is smart enough to let you know your current water temperature through its LED screen, you can now manipulate your brewing to improve the coffee's flavour.

3. Senses the Time
The amount of time that water interacts with coffee grounds is one of the important factors in producing your coffee's flavor. With Senz V™'s built-in brew timer, you can consistently brew a great cup of coffee.

4. Senses the Aroma
TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. TDS data reflects the level of extraction of the coffee, as well as how many dissolved solids there are in the water. Ideally, you want your coffee's TDS level to be between 18-22% extraction. Melitta® Senz V™ reports easy-to-read TDS data so you can better control over extraction for your next brew.

5. Senses the Taste
Have you ever wanted to know what your coffee tastes like before the carafe has left the coffee maker? The Senz V™ system  categories the brewed coffee into 9-taste profiles in reference to the Special Coffee Association (SCA). You can easily visualise the coffee final taste through its LED screen or through the "Wabilogic" mobile app (for connected version only).

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