Senz V™ - All-in-One Design

December 07, 2020

Awaken your Senses with the Rich Flavor of Pour-Over ™ Coffee

The new Melitta Senz V™ coffee brewing system contains premium materials which deliver on style, function and technology. It is equipped with built-in sensors which integrate with each other to guarantee full bodied and flavorful brewing.

Iconic & Sophisticated Design

Melitta® Senz V™ Coffee Maker Pour-Over System

The pour-over coffee maker is designed with elements of wood, glass and ceramic, which suggests high quality and meticulous craftsmanship. 

1) Timeless

The use of clean geometric shapes and premium materials creates a subtle but unique design that will endure the test of time.

2) Transparent

Clear glass buffer tank showcases the details of the ceramic dripper, sensors, and siphon mechanism. It provides a sense of transparency to the brewing process.

3) Architectural

The 3-prong design inspired by modern furniture creates an iconic look that will fit well with any modern interior space.

4) Less cover-up and wood detailing

Presenting a strong visual brand language

All-in-One Function

Kitchen Coffee Scale - Melitta® Senz V™ Pour-over Coffee System

"I am a Scale"

Once you have the right grind size, measure your coffee ground to water ratio. Senz V™ built-in scale will help you with the exact amount of coffee grounds you preferred!

Kitchen Coffee Timer - Melitta® Senz V™ Pour-over Coffee System

"I am a Timer"

An important factor in coffee extraction is contact time. The longer the brewing time, the more flavour is extracted from the coffee grounds. In a drip system, the contact time should be around 5 mins. Senz V™ will do the counting for you!

Coffee Water Thermometer - Melitta® Senz V™ Pour-over Coffee System

"I am a Thermometer"

The ideal water temperature for pour-over coffee is between 195-205ºF. Senz V™ can track and show you the current water temperature clearly on its display during brewing.

Coffee Taste Digital Bud - Melitta® Senz V™ Pour-over Coffee System

"I am a Taste Teller"

Senz V™ tracks your brew, display your brewing data and predicts your final taste before the carafe has even left the coffee maker. Is it magic, you ask? Maybe!


About Us

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