How to choose the right beans?

June 27, 2022

What is coffee roasting?

Coffee roasting begins with hard, raw, and green coffee beans with earthy flavors. This process has essentially remained unchanged through the years, and enables you to enjoy roasted, brown coffee products. 

Here are three levels of roasting to give you a sense of both the intensity and the variety of flavors that can be found in coffee. Both roasting time and temperature affect the flavor, aroma, and color of coffee beans.

Three main categories of roasting

Light: These coffee beans tend to have a more delicate, acidic flavor. Less intense roasting allows the original taste of the beans to shine through. These beans won't look oily since they are roasted at lower temperatures. 

Examples include: Cinnamon, American, Half-City, and New England Roasts.

Medium:These chocolate brown–colored coffee beans have a dry surface. While less acidic than lightly-roasted beans, medium-roasted beans have a slightly sweet, toasty flavor. 

Examples include: Full City, Breakfast, and Regular Roast.

Dark: These coffee beans will have a slight sheen and may appear oily. Dark-roasted beans have a smoky, spicy, and often bitter taste. The original flavors of these beans are generally overpowered by the roasting process.

Examples include: French, Viennese, Italian, and Espresso. 

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