Coffee Processing Methods: Honey Processed

July 06, 2021


This method originated in Brazil in the 1950s. The fruit is pulped (like the wet process) and then laid out to be sun-dried. These beans are named “Honey Coffee” due to the sweetness of their flavoring and the stickiness of the mucilage during drying. Honey processing takes a longer time, delicate work, and more manpower. Farmers adopted it after seeing consistent improvements in coffee bean quality.

You can find yellow, red, and black color honey processed coffee. The color depends on how much mucilage remains - 80% called Black honey, 60% called Red honey, and 20% called Yellow honey.

Using the honey process method is less over-fermentation which is better than the natural process. The sweetness and body are enhanced by sugars in the flesh. There is less flesh surrounding the beans.


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