Wabi Coffee Recipes: Tiramisu Latte

February 21, 2023

Tiramisu Latte Recipe

What is a tiramisu latte?

Have you ever heard about tiramisu latte? It is a drinkable dessert. If you love Tiramisu, this masterpiece could be absolutely at the top of your favorite list. It is super delicious, you can indulge yourself with the fabulous taste and texture of tiramisu cream. If you try to dip the biscuits into the latte, you can enjoy drinking classic tiramisu for real! It's made with espresso, milk, heavy whipping cream, and cocoa powder.

How can you make a tiramisu latte at home?

First, add some ice cubes and pour the 1½ cups of milk into your mug. Second, pour 3.5 oz of heavy whipping cream and 2 oz of espresso into Melitta® Montalatte or your milk frother. Froth no less than 5 mins until it turns into soft peaks or stiff peaks foam, to your liking. Next, pour the frothy milk into your mug and load it with tiramisu cream on top. As a final touch, dust the latte with cocoa powder and garnish it with biscuits.

Tiramisu latte recipe

Editor’s review

Making a smooth and classic tiramisu is always hard and complicated, but this version of the tiramisu latte is simple and tastes fantastic! It deserves to be enjoyed anytime in various ways. You may love this latte over the cake version because of the complex texture and flavor of the cream plus the cocoa powder floating on top. Tiramisu Chocolate Drink is a must-try!


The Tiramisu Latte is a delicious drink that people go crazy over. As demonstrated by the most popular recipe on this site, you don't even need to visit your local coffee shop to order one!

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