Wabi Coffee Recipes: Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic

January 23, 2024

Wabi Coffee Recipes: Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic

What is Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic?

Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic is a unique and refreshing beverage that combines the flavors of rosemary, orange, Cointreau, and coffee. It is a concoction that infuses the aromatic and herbal notes of rosemary with the bright zestiness of orange, all blended harmoniously with the richness of coffee.


How to make a Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic?

To make a Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic, start by pouring the Cointreau into a long drinking glass. Add a piece of rosemary and a piece of orange zest into the glass, and then fill up the glass, almost to the rim, with ice cubes. Next, pour tonic water into the glass until it is three-quarters full. Afterwards, pour the espresso directly into the glass and do not mix the drink.  This will create an appealing layered effect.  You are welcome to garnish the drink with a fresh rosemary sprig or an orange twist. Enjoy the uniquely refreshing blend of rosemary, orange, Cointreau and coffee in this delightful Rosemary Orange Coffee Tonic.


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