Wabi Coffee Recipes: Coffee Cubes Latte

October 02, 2022

How can you make coffee ice cubes?

Homemade Coffee Ice Cubes are so easy to make. You can pour room-temperature black coffee into an ice cube mold & freeze it for a few hours until solid.

How can you make a Coffee Cubes Latte?

First, add some coffee cubes to a small glass. Next, pour the milk into the glass and scoop the ice cream on top of the milk. You are welcome to use vanilla, chocolate, or another one of your favorite flavors of ice cream. Finally, garnish with some cereal.

Why try making a Coffee Cubes Latte?

Coffee ice cubes are an easy way to cool freshly brewed coffee without ruining the flavor. The cubes won’t dilute your drink as they melt because the cubes will dissolve as coffee into the beverage.


We tried this recipe and it was not only easy to make but also tasted great. We also loved the look of a Coffee Cubes Latte in the glass.

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