Wabi Coffee Recipes: Butterfly Pea Latte

June 11, 2024

What is a butterfly pea flower latte?

A butterfly pea flower latte is a unique and visually stunning beverage that combines the vibrant colors of butterfly pea flower tea with the rich flavors of coffee. This beverage starts by brewing a strong and aromatic cup of coffee using your preferred brewing method, such as espresso or drip coffee. Separately, butterfly pea flower tea is prepared by steeping dried butterfly pea flowers in hot water. The tea is then carefully layered on top of the coffee, creating a mesmerizing gradient effect as the blue or purple hue from the tea mixes with the coffee's darker tones. The result is a visually stunning latte that showcases the contrasting colors of the butterfly pea flower tea and coffee. The combination of the earthy, robust coffee flavor with the floral and slightly herbal notes of the butterfly pea flower tea creates an intriguing and delightful taste experience. This beverage not only satisfies coffee lovers but also provides a visually captivating and memorable drinking experience.


How to make a butterfly pea flower latte?

To make a butterfly pea flower latte, add the dried butterfly pea flowers in a teapot or heatproof container. Pour the hot water over the flowers and let it steep for 5-7 minutes to create a concentrated butterfly pea flower tea. While the tea is steeping, prepare a shot of espresso or brew a strong cup of coffee. Then, froth the milk to create a creamy texture using the Melitta Montalatte milk frother. If desired, add sweetener to the hot milk and stir until dissolved. Pour the espresso or brewed coffee into a clear glass or mug. Pour the frothed milk slowly over the coffee to create a layer of creamy foam. Lastly, pour the concentrated butterfly pea flower tea over the milk carefully, allowing it to mix and create a beautiful gradient effect. Give the latte a gentle stir to blend the colors slightly. Your butterfly pea flower latte with coffee is ready to be enjoyed! Admire the stunning layers and flavors before taking a sip.


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