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How is Easter celebrated around the world? - ITALY

April 08, 2021

The dove is the protagonist of the famous celebration in Florence, locals celebrate a 350-year-old Easter tradition calledScoppio delCarro, or "explosion of the cart" to commemorate the time of first crusade. On Easter Sunday a mechanical dove hits a cart in front of the Duomo of Florence, thus lighting the fireworks contained in the cart.

An ornate cart packed with fireworks is led through the streets of the city by people. The Archbishop of Florence lights a fuse and the cart sparks a lively fireworks display.

The custom
dates back to the First Crusade and means to ensure a good harvest.

The Italian traditions food 

In Lombardia, the Colomba is the most famous dessert, a dove-shaped bread made with almonds, sugar and egg whites. Nowadays, this cake is famous over the world, but originates in the region that boasts Milan. Another northern typical food is the Pinza Pasquale from Trieste, a sweet bread with a three-point cross carved on top.

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