How is Easter celebrated around the world? - GUATEMALA - Wabilogic

How is Easter celebrated around the world? - GUATEMALA

April 08, 2021

Antigua, located in southern Guatemala, covers its streets in colorful carpets throughout the Holy Week, held sometime between March 22 and April 23.

On Palm Sunday, curcuruchas (carriers) wear purple-robrd devotees and carry andas (floats) with images of the Holy Virgin of Sorrow and Jesus of Nazareth on the shoulders.

Easter Sunday is a day of rejoicing the resurrection of Christ. Fireworks, family meals, and celebrations continue throughout the day.

The long carpets are made from flowers, colored sawdust, fruits, vegetables, and sand. The carpets’ designs reflect biblical symbols, Mayan traditions, and scenes from nature. It is their way to honor Christ’s death and pay penance. They often depict scenes that are important to the artists, ranging from religion to Mayan traditions to nature and Guatemalan history.

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