Senz V™ Smart Pour Over Coffee System

Getting started

What kind of charging block should I use to charge the Senz V?

Charger requirement: 5 volts at 0.5A or above

How to change modes on the Senz V?

You may press and hold the "START/STOP" button for about 3 seconds to change modes from gram to oz and Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F).

Do I have to charge the Senz V after unpacked it?

After the Senz V is unpacked, please charge it before using it for the first time

How long does it take to fully charge the Senz V?

It takes around 2~3 hours to fully charge the battery.

When should I charge the Senz V?

You may charge it when you see the battery icon is blinking.

How can I tell the Senz V is charging?

When the Senz V is on, you can see the block inside the battery icon is charging up like below picture.
When the battery is fully charged, you can see the battery icon is filled with 3 blocks.
When the Senz V is on, you can see the block inside the battery icon is charging up like below picture.
The battery icon disappear when it is fully charged.

How long the battery last after it is fully charged?

It operates around 9~10 hours after battery fully charged

The coffee taste is not consistant now, what should I do to improve it?

Please pour some white vinegar inside the buffer tank, make sure the TDS sensor are covered and wait for around 15mins. The white vinegar help disolve the coffee resedue left on the TDS pin without damaging it.

I lost the quick start guide, can I get a digtal one?


How do I know the App is paired with the Senz V?

You may see the bluetooth icon on the LCD display after the Senz V is turned on. If the Senz V is not paired/searching for device for pairing, bluetooth icon keep blinking. If the Senz V is paired, bluetooth icon stay on on the display.


How do I clean the Senz V after use?

Buffer Tank, glass carafe and ceramic filter:

You may put the buffer tank under running water to wash off the lefted coffee.
However, do not use metal cleaning brush to clean it.Otherwise, the connection pin at the bottom of the buffer tank will be damaged.
Stand and scale:
For the stand and scale of the Senz V, you may use a damped towel to clean it.

Is the Senz V dishwasher safe?

No, we do not recommond washing the Senz V in the dishwasher.

There is some coffee liquid left between the glass carafe and the plastic handle. How should I clean it?

The filter paper is broken when I was removing it and the coffee ground is everywhere inside the buffer tank. I worried that there maybe some coffee ground stuck inside the siphon tube. How can I clean it?

Here is the step to clean the inner area of the siphon tube:

1) Twist the siphon spout and remove it

2) Remove the siphon tube.

3) Try to use running water to flush away the coffee ground inside the grey plastic part.


How do I store the scale?

We highly recommend not stacking or apply impact on the Senz V. The main component to perform the scaling function is the load cell. Stacking or apply impact on the scales will engages or damage it. We recommend to store the Senz V on a flat surface or inside the cabinet.
Even when the scale is turned off, we recommend avoiding places where room temperatures are unstable. Room temperature above 40℃ or below 15℃ may result in weighing inaccuracy and possible damage to your scale.
Do not place scales too close to magnets, which may interfere with the load beams and accuracy of the scales.

Why the weight reading is not stable?

- There is a very sensitive sensor "Load cell", inside lower part of the Senz V. The load cell require flat and stable enviroment to perform accurate result. Therefore, we highly recommond user to place the Senz V on a even and steady surface.
- Avoid using the Senz V when the grinder, espresso machine or blender is also operating. These may interfere the scale accuracy if the counter top is not steady.
- Avoid strong wind near the Senz V when it is operating, the load cell is easily affected by the wind and cause unstable reading.

I am using same amount of coffee and water to pour coffee, how come I have diffeent coffee taste result every time?

There are serval factors affecting the coffee taste, such as below:

1. Coffee ground coarseness -
A coarser coffee ground result a lighter coffee taste/lower TDS.
A finer coffee ground result a stronger coffee taste/higher TDS.

2. Water temperature -
Use hot water can result better coffee extraction and the coffee taste stronger and higher TDS.

3. Pour over practice -
There are many different practice to do pour over. Different practice may result different coffee taste. For example, a faster speed and shorter blooming time may decrease coffee extraction. A slower speed and longer blooming time may increase coffee extraction. If you are using our Senz V with bluetooth built-in, you may use the "Call Recipe" function to repeat same result.

4. Gooseneck kettle -
There are serval different gooseneck kettle. Some with bigger spout and some with narrower spout. A bigger spout will create more water flow and a narrower spout will create finer and smaller water flow. If you want your coffee taste stronger, try the gooseneck kettle with narrower spout.

I can see much coffee inside the buffer tank but it drips quite slowly from the buffer tank. Why is that?

Can I use my own dripper on the Senz V?

I do not get any TDS result/the TDS result is very low, what should I do?

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