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Molino™ Burr Grinder

What if my coffe bean grinder does not work?

(1) Make sure the coffee maker is plugged into a working 120V electrical outlet.

(2) Make sure the power switch is turned on.

(3) Make sure the bean container is rotated and installed properly on the unit until "click" sound is being heard.

(4) Make sure ground coffee container is placed properly.

(5) Make sure you select the cup size before push the ON/OFF button. If the above suggestions do not resolve your problem, please contact us via or call 1-855-888-1346.

Which coffee beans can I use in my grinder?

This coffee grinder is suitable for grinding roasted coffee beans. Attention: Using unsuitable types of coffee beans can block the grinder. Never use freeze dried or caramelised coffee beans in the coffee grinder. Do not put ground coffee in the bean container.

What kind of grinder does the grinder use?

This coffee grinder has a disc burr grinder. With this type of grinder you can adjust the grinding level. This means the grinder can grind coffee for different types of coffee preparation methods, e.g. espresso machines, filter coffee machines, percolators and french press. As coffee grinders with disc grinder grind more evenly than those with cutting blades they are particularly valued by connoisseurs of coffee.

What advantages does the removable disc burr grinder offer me?

Grinding coffee leaves oily coffee residues behind. In time fine ground particles are also deposited. Thanks to removable individual parts, the appliance can be cleaned quickly and easily.

How many grinding levels are there on my coffee grinder?

This coffee ginder has 13 individual grinding levels. The levels go from 1 (very fine) to 13 (very coarse). It can grind coffee beans from finely ground coffee for aromatic espresso to medium ground coffee for filter coffee coffee to coarse ground coffee for a french press.

How many cups of coffee can my grinder provide ground coffee for?

The dial for setting the number of cups of coffee means you can conveniently choose an amount for between 1-14 cups. It then grinds the selected quantity of coffee.

What is the maximum quantity of coffee beans for my grinder?

The bean container on this grinder has a removable lid and can be filled with a maximum 8oz (225g) of coffee beans.

Does my coffee grinder switch off automatically?

Grinding starts at the push of the ON/OFF button. As soon as grinding is finished, the coffee grinder switches itself off automatically.

Can I use the grinder to grind other foods?

The coffee grinder is exclusively for grinding coffee beans. Please ensure that no other objects or foodstuffs get into the grinder.

What should I do if the grinder is blocked?

If you hear a piercing noise then coffee beans are stuck in the grinding chamber. Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the coffee grinder. Shake the bean container gently. Press the ON/OFF button to resume the grinding. If the probem still occurs, press the ON/OFF button and pull the plug out of the socket. Clean the appliance as described in the manual. Note: Avoid filling the ground coffee container completely, as this can cause a blockage.

How to clean the coffee grinder:

(1) Before cleaning, turn off and unplug the appliance and empty the bean container.

(2) Remove the bean container by turning it counterclockwise until loose.

(3) Remove the bean container and the lid.

(4) Clean the grinder chamber with the brush provided. The brush can be found on the lid of the ground coffee container.

Why does my coffee grinder grind less coffee at the second grinding?

For the best grinding results always turn the appliance off after use and allow the motor to cool for at least a minute before using again.

What is the correct way to clean my coffee grinder?

(1) Before cleaning, turn off and unplug the appliance and empty the bean container.

(2) Remove the bean container by turning it counterclockwise until loose.

(3) Remove the bean container and the lid.

(4) Clean the grinder chamber with the brush provided. The brush can be found on the lid of the ground coffee container.

(5) Clean the ground coffee container and lid, and the bean container lid in warm water, then rinse them and allow to dry. Wipe the housing with a slightly damp cloth and then rub dry. Always use a soft brush to clean the grinder; do not use water or soap.

Attention: Never submerge the housing, power cable, plug or grinder in water or other liquids. Do not use cream cleaner, harsh or abrasive cleaning products or hard brushes for cleaning. Never clean the coffee grinder or any of its removable parts in the dishwasher.

Which parts of my coffee grinder are dishwasher safe?

The coffee grinder and its removable parts are not dishwasher safe. Never clean the grinder or its parts in the dishwasher.

How long can I store the coffee beans in the bean container?

Roasted coffee is a sensitive natural product which can quickly lose its flavour if stored in the wrong way. We recommend you do not store the opened pack near other strongly smelling foods. Protect your coffee from direct sunlight, heat and moisture as these can have a negative effect on the flavour. Store in a cool, dry and odour free place. We recommend that you store the coffee beans in their original packaging.

What if no instruction manual in the box or I need a new copy?

Please download a digital copy from Here

Where can I buy accessories and replacement parts for my coffee maker?

Please contact us via or call 1-855-888-1346 to make the arrangement

How do I return my coffee maker?

If you wish to return, please contact the local reseller that you purchased your product from. Please contact us via or call 1-855-888-1346.

What is the return policy?

Please refer to the return policy of the local reseller that you purchased your product from.

What is the warranty period? What are the coverages?

In addition to the legal warranty claims, to which the end user is entitled relative to the seller, for this device, if it was purchased from a dealer authorized by Wabilogic Inc. due to his consulting competence, we grant a manufacturer’s warranty under the following conditions:

(1) 1 year limited warranty from the date of original purchase.

(2) This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser or gift recipient. Keep the original sales receipt, as proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim.

(3) Defects that occur due to improper connection, improper handling or repair attempts by non-authorized persons are not covered by the warranty. The same applies for failure to comply with the use of consumables (e.g. cleaning and descaling agents) that do not correspond to the original specifications. Wear parts (e.g. seals and valves) and fragile parts are excluded from the warranty.

(4) This device was designed and built for household use only. It is not suited for other uses.

(5) Warranty does not cover damages that are not the responsibility of the manufacturer. This is valid especially for claims arising from improper use (e.g. operation with insufficient current or improper voltage).

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