An important factor in coffee extraction is contact time; longer brewing time extracts more flavor from the coffee grounds. Senz V™ counts the contact time for you to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Taste Teller

Senz V™ tracks your brew, displays your brewing data, and predicts your coffee’s final taste before the carafe has even left the coffee maker.


The built-in scale measures the exact coffee to water ratio, so you can discover your own golden ratio and make the perfect cup of coffee every time!


Senz V™ tracks and displays the water temperature on its LED display. Now, you can ensure your pour-over coffee is brewing with the optimal water temperature (195-205°F).


Senz V™ is more than a smart pour-over system. Once your Bluetooth machine is paired with the Wabilogic mobile app, you can connect with other SenzV™ users! Share coffee recipes, brewing tips and new coffee creations directly in the app! (This function is only available for the Connected version.)

Premium Materials

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