Wabi Coffee Recipes: Sparkling Espresso with Passion Fruit

August 30, 2022

What is Sparkling Espresso with Passion Fruit?

This beverage combines passion fruit with sparkling water, espresso, and a couple other ingredients. The juice made from passion fruit can have a sour taste, but it also has a powerful and sweet aroma.

How can you make Sparkling Espresso with Passion Fruit?

First, use a blender to blend the passion fruit, separating the juicy bits from the seeds. Then, pour the processed mixture through a fine-mesh strainer to collect passion fruit puree in a glass. Add ice cubes to the glass. Then, pour sparkling water into the glass until it is 70% full. Add 2 oz of espresso to the glass. Finally, garnish with mint leaves.

Why try making Sparkling Espresso with Passion Fruit?

Offering several health benefits, this beverage is rich in nutrients, including vitamins C, A, and B2, as well as dietary fiber. In combination with sparkling water and espresso, passion fruit can also neutralize greasier meals.


Espresso lovers, we recommend trying out Sparkling Espresso with Passion Fruit. On a hot summer day, you won't regret this unique and refreshing beverage!

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