Wabi Coffee Recipes: Dark Strawberry Latte

October 27, 2023

Wabi Coffee Recipes: Dark Strawberry Latte

What is Dark Strawberry Latte?

It is a latte with charcoal cocoa powder and strawberry puree or syrup, mixed in with coffee and milk.  The charcoal cocoa powder gives the latte a dark color with a slightly bitter chocolate flavor.  When combined with the strawberry puree or syrup, it creates a visually striking and flavorful beverage.


How to make Dark Strawberry Latte?

Brew a shot of espresso and add a teaspoon of charcoal cocoa powder to the espresso, then make sure that it's mixed well. The next step is to make the strawberry puree by mashing up fresh strawberries and sugar syrup in a glass.  Once the puree is done, then add ice cubes, milk, and the espresso mixture into the glass.  Feel free to top it off with some whipped cream.  For a nice Halloween touch, you can decorate the drink with spooky eyes and marshmallows (draw a smiling face or a devil face on the marshmallows).  Now serve and enjoy your delicious Dark Strawberry Latte.

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃


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