Wabi Coffee Recipes: Cherry Blossom Latte

March 29, 2022

Cherry Blossom aka Sakura Latte Recipe

Cherry blossoms signify the opening of spring every year. The arrival of cherry blossoms is reflective of our feelings, which are also in harmonious tune with nature during spring. To savor for celebrating this season, we would like to suggest you a cherry blossom latte to enjoy at home.

What is Cherry Blossom Latte

Cherry blossom latte is a hot drink that you can make with milk, espresso, and cherry syrup. Sometimes they are topped with cherry blossoms. Being so popular in Japan, the cherry syrup is usually the most expensive ingredient in the latte, but it's worth finding a bottle because it adds a lot of flavor to your coffee. In 2019, Starbucks released the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino for one week. This drink was made with a creme Frappuccino base flavored with Cherry Blossom syrup, topped with pink whipped cream and sugar crystals.

Cherry Blossom aka Sakura Latte Recipe

Why Cherry Blossom Latte is a springtime special

One of the most beautiful things in the world, cherry blossoms are a symbol of the arrival of spring. That’s why we chose to give this seasonal latte its pink and white colors, which are reminiscent of the sakura tree flower petals blowing in the wind and remind us that winter is over and that spring has finally arrived. As the national flower of Japan, the Japanese have been appreciating its beauty for hundreds of years, but it's only in recent times that the cherry blossom has become a worldwide sensation. The Japanese call it "sakura," and that's why we can also call the drink "Sakura Blossom Latte."

How to Enjoy Cherry Blossom Latte

You can celebrate spring and warmer weather in many different ways depending on your mood, and enjoying the cherry blossom latte is likely one of the perfect ways. Not only does the syrup give this latte a delicate floral flavor, but its signature pink color also gives you a dose of calm. Veganism? No problem. Try to leave off the whipped cream when making this drink to veganize it.

Cherry Blossom aka Sakura Latte Recipe

How to Make Cherry Blossom Latte

In the first place, put coffee grounds and cherry blossom flakes into the filter basket. Brew coffee (You can also do it with Melitta Aroma Fresh™’s grind off function) and add cherry blossom jam to the coffee, mix well. Following that, add warmed milk and milk foam on top of the coffee. Garnish with a pinch of cherry blossom flakes as finishing.


There's something about springtime that makes everyone in the world start making the most unfamiliar yet delicious meals. Cherry Blossom Latte is a perfect example of this. We bring you a recipe to enjoy this lovely springtime drink, and we hope that this exquisite drink will brighten your day with its bright pink and floral flavors.


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