Melitta Easter Coffee Pairings: Perfect Brews for Year Feast

March 25, 2024

Melitta Easter Coffee Pairings: Perfect Brews for Year Feast

Traditional Easter foods vary by culture and region, but many can pair beautifully with coffee. Here are some classic Easter foods and suggestions for coffee pairings:

Hot Cross Buns

These spiced sweet buns are a traditional Easter treat. Pair with a medium roast coffee that has a good balance of acidity and body to complement the spices. For an extra treat, try a Hot Cross Bun Latte alongside.


A traditional Easter main course, lamb pairs well with a bold, dark roast coffee. The robust flavors of the coffee can stand up to the strong taste of the lamb.

Easter Ham

The salty-sweet nature of a glazed Easter ham goes well with a sweet, light roast coffee or a honey-processed coffee to highlight the sweetness of the glaze.


A popular brunch dish for Easter, quiche pairs nicely with a smooth, mild coffee, like a latte or an Americano, which won't overpower the delicate flavors of the quiche.


Since Easter often includes a variety of chocolate treats, try pairing them with a rich espresso or mocha to accentuate the chocolate flavors.

Simnel Cake

This light fruitcake with marzipan is another Easter staple. The cake's dried fruits and almond paste match well with a full-bodied, slightly acidic coffee that can cut through the sweetness.

Deviled Eggs

This savory finger food is commonly found at Easter gatherings. Opt for a clean and bright coffee, such as a washed Ethiopian, to refresh the palate between bites.


This Russian Easter dessert made with cheese is creamy and rich. It pairs well with a strong, black coffee, which can help balance the dessert's richness.


A Greek Easter bread that is similar to brioche. Serve with a cup of medium roast coffee with citrus notes to complement the bread’s sweet flavor.

Colomba di Pasqua

An Italian Easter cake that's similar to panettone. A floral and fruity light roast coffee can enhance its sweet and light texture.

When pairing coffee with Easter foods, it's important to consider the balance of flavors. Coffees with bright acidity can cut through rich, sweet foods, while full-bodied coffees can stand up to stronger flavored dishes.

With Melitta coffee makers, you can effortlessly celebrate Easter by matching each dish with the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy the enhanced flavors of your meal with expertly brewed cups, creating unforgettable moments. Embrace tradition and exceptional taste with Melitta as your trusted coffee partner.


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